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Ringflow's Meeting Room

Instantly turn any space into a meeting room

Looking for a professional meeting space but need a designated area? Look no further than Ringflow’s Meeting Rooms. With Meeting Rooms, you can instantly turn any space into a designated meeting area, complete with everything you need to conduct successful meetings. Say goodbye to noisy coffee shops or cramped offices, and say hello to the convenience and professionalism of Ringflow’s Meeting Rooms.


Framework for Open Integration

You can effortlessly link commonly used business and CRM applications to your contact center, business phone, video conferencing, and team messaging. This will assist your teams in enhancing their productivity without any difficulties or expenses.

Ringflow's Meeting Room...

Like you’re in the same room

Give remote attendees a seat at the table with immersive audio and video delivered by Polycom®.

Easy to activate, easy to join

It’s all designed with a consistent user experience for the teams in the room and beyond.


Deploy in minutes and administer rooms from anywhere with integrated hardware and software.


Designed for hybrid collaboration

Instant meetings

Join scheduled meetings rooms with a single tap, or start ad hoc meetings directly from your phone, a laptop, or the tablet controller.

One tap device switching

For meeting rooms on the go, easily move a meeting from your personal device to an in-room TV with a single click.

Immersive meeting experiences

With HD video and high fidelity audio powered by Polycom®, remote participants can clearly see and hear everyone in the rooms.


All-in-one video conferencing for in-office teams

Plug-and-play just like that

Simplify your meeting rooms setup and combine our easy-to-use video conferencing software with industry-leading Poly Studio X devices.

“Like you’re there” video

While UltraHD cameras capture every detail, feel connected with production-quality framing and speaker tracking.

High-fidelity audio

Enjoy HD audio with crisp, room-filling sound. Poly’s AI technology also keeps unwanted sounds from interrupting conversations.


All - around meeting productivity,

Wireless sharing from any device,

Seamlessly share content from your personal device or browser with just a tap.

AI takes care of the busywork,

Our built-in AI engine offers real-time transcriptions for all participants, whether you’re in the room or remote.

Whiteboard the next big thing,

With our Miro integration, encourage collaboration from all participants using a digital whiteboard.

And so
much more

Room calendar integration,

Integrate with Google and Office 365 Calendars for tap-to-join meetings.

Various layout options

Switch the video layout on screen to bring speakers or content into focus.

Calendar display

View a list of upcoming meetings on the display.

Enterprise-grade security

Multi-layered encryption means your conversations stay safe and private.

Intuitive room controls

Control the room from your browser, mobile phone, desktop, or tablet.

Central room administration

Get automatic software updates and manage room devices from the admin portal.

FAQs of Meeting Room

Do I need to purchase any additional hardware to use Ringflow’s Meeting Room?

 Ringflow Meetings can be used with existing hardware, or new hardware can be purchased if required. This solution is designed to be flexible and can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Can participants join meetings from their mobile devices?

Yes, participants can join meetings from anywhere, whether they are working from home, in the office, or on the go. Ringflow Meetings offers a range of options, from a basic audio and video conferencing system to a fully integrated contact center management collaboration suite.

How easy is it to set up a meeting with Ringflow?

Setting up a meeting is as easy as one click with Ringflow Meetings. This solution enables businesses to seamlessly connect their remote and in-office teams by transforming any space into a meeting room. The video-enabled meeting rooms allow participants to see and hear each other clearly, enabling more productive collaboration.

What type of support is available for Ringflow’s Meetings Room?

Ringflow’s Meeting Room offers customer support 24/7 to ensure that users can get help when needed. Users can contact support through email, phone, or chat.

Upgrade your hybrid meetings experience

And get right to the conversation with one-tap meetings for any workspace.