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Looking to connect with your colleagues or clients facing virtually for work? You can easily do so by signing up with your Microsoft 365 or Google account to make unlimited online video calls for free. With this service, you can also enjoy complete audio recordings, virtual backgrounds, and many more features. Getting started takes just a minute, or if you prefer, take a self-guided reciprocal tour of the app first!

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Hold video conferences for business purposes using Ringflow.

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Web-based video conferencing

Unlike other video convention software that requires downloading a workstation or mobile application to host and join video calls, Ringflow offers a web-based solution that eliminates the need for any downloads. With Ringflow, you can easily host and enter meetings directly from your web browser on your computer or mobile device and access all the features available in the app without any additional downloads.

Complete meeting management

With Ringflow, you have complete meeting management at your fingertips. Whether you need to adjust your volume, initiate a screen share, mute or unmute yourself, or start and pause a recording, all the call controls you need are conveniently accessible in one clean and user-friendly interface. You’ll never have to look for the right button or option again.

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Desktop sharing

Ringflow’s convenient desktop sharing capability lets you quickly focus on design mockups or collaborate on webinars with your remote team. With the option to share a specific window, tab, or entire screen, you can tailor your presentation to meet your needs. Plus, with Ringflow’s mobile screen sharing, you can even text someone a link to share your screen without downloading.

AI-generated call notes

Ringflow’s Ai technology has analyzed a staggering four billion minutes of business conversations, making it a powerful tool for maximizing meeting productivity. With its real-time call transcription and ChatGPT integration, Ringflow Ai generates comprehensive post-call summaries for attendees, providing a quick and easy abstract of the key discussion points. Don’t miss out on this innovative feature – sign up for the waitlist today!

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Seamless tool integration

Maximize your productivity during meetings with Ringflow’s seamless integration with Microsoft, Google, and Miro. With Miro’s virtual whiteboarding, brainstorming sessions become more collaborative and creative. Check out Ringflow’s other tool integrations to streamline your workflow!

Comprehensive security features

Ringflow’s comprehensive security features, you can rest assured that your meetings remain secure and confidential. As a host, you can mute participants, remove unwanted guests, lock the meeting, and limit screen sharing, among other security measures. Ensure peace of mind and protect your sensitive information with Ringflow’s automated security measures

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Seamless tool integration

Maximize your productivity during meetings with Ringflow’s seamless integration with Microsoft, Google, and Miro. With Miro’s virtual whiteboarding, brainstorming sessions become more collaborative and creative. Check out Ringflow’s other tool integrations to streamline your workflow!

High-definition video resolution

Ensure a smooth and professional meeting experience with Ringflow’s high-definition video resolution and crystal-clear audio quality. Say goodbye to pixelated video and laggy audio, and elevate your video conferencing game with Ringflow.

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Begin using Ringflow’s live video call feature in three simple steps.

Getting started with Ringflow’s live video calling feature is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply ensure you have an Internet connection, download the app from your preferred app store, and log in to your account. Ringflow’s app works across various devices and platforms, including Apple devices, PCs, iPhones, and Android devices, making it a versatile tool for all your video conferencing needs.

Once you’re logged in, starting a one-on-one or group video call is a breeze. Simply navigate to your messaging conversation with the desired contact or use the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the app to initiate a video call. Experience the ultimate in streamlined communication with Ringflow.

"Virtual video conferencing: An enhanced communication solution for colleagues, customers, and potential clients".

Ringflow’s virtual video conferencing provides an efficient solution for effective communication, especially for geographically dispersed teams. With standard HD video calling, you can connect one-to-one with colleagues, clients, and prospects from anywhere in the world. Online product demos save time and money for sales teams, eliminating the need for costly in-person meetings. Ringflow’s crystal-clear conversations feel like you’re in the same room, making it easier and more convenient to connect with others and grow your business.

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"Begin using video calls for free".

Elevate your business meetings with Ringflow’s free video call plan. With Ringflow Ai Meetings, connect with colleagues, clients, and prospects from anywhere in the world at no cost. Sign up for the free plan or schedule a demo to experience the convenience and reliability of Ringflow’s video calling.


Is it possible to make audio-only calls using a video-calling app?

Absolutely, you can easily switch to an audio-only meeting by simply turning off the video function within the video calling app. This will allow you to have a voice-only meeting without any interruptions.

Are there specific devices that are more suitable for video calling?

The suitability of a device for video calling primarily depends on the app being used. Ringflow, for instance, provides an app that can be used across multiple devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The added advantage of Ringflow is that it works seamlessly on web browsers, making it unnecessary to download the app.

  • Improved customer satisfaction:AI can help businesses provide faster, more personalized responses to customer inquiries, leading to higher satisfaction rates.
  • Increased efficiency:With AI handling many routine tasks, agents can focus on more complex issues, improving efficiency and productivity.
  • Cost savings: By automating specific tasks and improving efficiency, businesses can save money on labor costs.
  • Better insights: The system can analyze large amounts of data to provide businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

What are the possible applications of video calls?

One of the most significant advantages of video calls is adding a personal touch to your meetings, even when you can’t meet in person. With video conferencing, you can connect face-to-face with clients, prospects, and colleagues worldwide. Additionally, a quality video calling app will provide features such as screen sharing, file sharing, and live chat messaging. It is ideal for presentations, remote onboarding, and training sessions where participants may need to ask questions or share information in real-time.