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RingFlow is driving innovation in collaboration through an AI Lab research and product development. Stay up-to-date with our latest advancements to see how we’re transforming teamwork.

Microsoft Teams

Framework for Open Integration

You can effortlessly link commonly used business and CRM applications to your contact center, business phone, video conferencing, and team messaging. This will assist your teams in enhancing their productivity without any difficulties or expenses.

AI Lab

Introduction Of AI labs

At RingFlow, we are dedicated to exploring the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) through our AI labs. Our team of experts works tirelessly to research and develop innovative AI solutions that can enhance the way we work and collaborate. 
Our AI labs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field. We are committed to creating AI-powered tools that can streamline workflows, improve decision-making, and ultimately, transform the way we interact with technology.

AI Lab

Industry-Leading Accuracy with RingFlow's Transcription Engine

At RingFlow, we recognize the crucial role of transcription accuracy in generating valuable insights and facilitating automated processes. To this end, we have created a state-of-the-art transcription engine that harnesses advanced NLP/NLU models, backed by a team of proficient speech recognition and linguistic professionals.

AI Lab

Industry-Specific Models for Accurate Transcription and NLP/NLU

RingFlow relies on its exclusive speech recognition models to fuel its transcription engine, while also developing its own in-house NLP/NLU models. These models enable us to extract sentiment, identify intent, recognize the purpose of a call measure customer satisfaction, and much more.

AI Lab

Enhancing Search Relevance with Semantic Search Technology at RingFlow

Semantic search is an advanced search technology that examines the context and meaning behind natural language queries. At RingFlow, we leverage this technology to generate more relevant search results. Our Ai Virtual Agents, Real-Time Assist, and in-app general search are all powered.

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Predicting Customer Satisfaction

Introducing Ai CSAT, the newest invention from AI Labs. RingFlow’s AI can assess every customer conversation and digital interaction using cutting-edge ASR and NLP technology to reliably forecast customer happiness without the need for post-call surveys or extra tools. You can automatically profit from CSAT data by just taking calls. Say hello to a more comprehensive picture of your customer’s satisfaction with Ai CSAT from RingFlow.

AI Lab
AI Lab

AI-Powered Scorecards

At RingFlow, we understand that reviewing and scoring customer calls can be a cumbersome task. That’s why we’re leveraging the power of AI and automation to evaluate all of your customer interactions and provide faster feedback to agents. Our upcoming AI Scorecards feature will not only save you time but also increase the volume of interactions evaluated. Stay tuned for updates by signing up for our newsletter below.


Revolutionize your Contact Center with Generative AI

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Streamlining Interactions. Our expert teams are leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve the accuracy and efficiency of self-service features and provide natural, accurate responses to customer queries. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcements on how we’re transforming the industry with this game-changing technology.

Call Queue

“RingFlow is an amazing tool that helps to streamline business processes and keep teams organized. I have been using RingFlow for the past few months and it has helped me save time and increase my productivity. The user interface is intuitive, easy to use, and makes it simple to create tasks, assign them to team members, track progress, and see results in real-time. It has also made our team communication smoother by allowing us to collaborate on projects from anywhere. I highly recommend RingFlow to anyone looking for a reliable business process management tool.”



AI Lab

Published research


Named Entity

Improving Named Entity Recognition in Telephone Conversations via Effective Active Learning with Human in the Loop


Sentiment Analysis

Entity-level Sentiment Analysis in Contact Center Telephone Conversations


Efficient Entity Linking

BLINK with Elasticsearch for Efficient Entity Linking in Business Conversations

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